17 March 2016

17.03.16 Tales from the Entrepreneurial Front Line Episode II

Episode II Cast a Glance Backward


Making a business investment is about taking a gamble. It’s about trusting your instincts and going with your belief, whole heartedly. That’s always been our investment strategy, fixed with a steely pragmatism and firm eye to see our projects through.

That’s why it’s been a real pleasure to see the Everyman Cinema Group pick up a new venue in Harrogate. To give you a quick historical recap, the Everyman Cinema Group was our first business venture, set up to create a new kind of cinematic experience aimed at the 25-45 age range. Now Everyman is the sexiest place around to watch film.

When Everyman was born, we started off with one venue, identifying a market that didn’t previously exist for grown up cinema. Although some of our critics originally marked the joint venture as a one off success, it was our opinion that this model was replicable throughout the UK. And it looks like we are most definitely right.

After the original venue was set up in Hampstead, North London, the Everyman Group has expanded, bringing venues to places like Walton on Thames, Gerrard’s Cross, Leeds, North Birmingham and Bristol. What started as a surprising entertainment niche is turning into a volume operation.

To create Everyman we cut through the existing beliefs of the cinema industry and concentrated all our efforts on the experience. Adults, especially when involved in strenuous employment and full time relationships need to regain some space to focus at least once in every ten days.

Everyman is an easy choice for relaxation. An aspirational, feel good experience that plugs into a common need in all human beings.

It’s always great to be proved right. Making good choices has always been central to our investment strategy and it’s a philosophy that we’ve carried into everything we do with Bliss Investment.

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