24 March 2016

Tales From The Entrepreneurial Frontline Episode III

Episode III Ahead of the Pack…


As is our business we’re taking things to another level on the North Norfolk coast, with a 21st century design and lifestyle approach to property creation and investment.

There’s nothing quite like that feeling when you know you’ve managed to hit the moment right on the button. No matter how much information you’re given there’s always that leap of faith moment where you have to trust your nerve, determination and instinct to make the right decision. And when you get it right, it’s the very engine of excitement that drives your success.

Last month’s (13th March 2016) Sunday times highlighted Holt, just off the Norfolk Coast, as one of the top locations to live in the UK. No doubt this is due to the picturesque surroundings, slow and relaxed pace of life and general good nature of the cultural climate.

And with top royal ascendant, The Duchess of Cambridge paying a visit to the area to view the myriad charity shops and antique hideaways that proliferate across the rural area, it’s easy to see where the attraction lies.

With Greshams school in the close vicinity, home of Ben and Tom Youngs of England Rugby glory, this area is so attractive with a considerable potential. Rumour has it that Tom has purchased a large property in Blakeney. Like Holt, there are many elements that make Blakeney an up and coming hotspot including its proximity to Royal Sandringham and Holkham Hall.

Bliss Space is the Property Development arm of BIP and has already been leading the way by developing cutting edge homes in around Holt including Green Banks in Holt, and The Nest in Cley Next the Sea. With such firm proof that property in North Norfolk is in the ascendancy, it seems only a matter of time that our belief that developing property in and around Blakeney will pay off.

In our next blog we’re going to take a closer look at Bliss Space’s current and most ambitious property development project to date; Bliss Blakeney – 10,000sq ft of 21st Century ‘Hometel’ in acres of frontline coastal land with direct views out to sea…

Our Bliss team are constantly looking for new investment and property development projects. If you know of any interesting propositions they’d be pleased to hear from you. Introduction fees are available…

Photo: Paul from P&S Butchers, Holt

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