7 March 2016

The Bliss View: Like Georgia? On Your Bike

Georgia’s great – not just our words, but the words of Stephen Fabes, a cycling doctor whose taken 6 years to circumnavigate our planet. He’s been travelling around the globe taking in some of the best sights and situations our ever shrinking society has to offer.

According to an article in the BBC, Stephen made the following comment about the view of Georgia he experienced whilst cycling away from Tbilisi:

“There was a five-day window when trees change colour and I was in Svaneti, north-western Georgia. It was incredible. I’ve never seen anything like that – entire mountains rust-coloured, it was great.” Our recent trip to Georgia confirms the charm of this hidden investment gem.

You know that it’s impossible to keep anything as good as Georgia under wraps for too long. And it looks like the world is definitely warming up to this little enclave of natural beauty, steeped in its own culture.

The question you need to be asking is when is Georgia going to explode? With one-time favourite destinations like Greece and Ibiza falling out of favour with holiday makers and explorers, it’s only a matter of months before the world wakes up to the simple, unspoilt beauty of this patch.

One of the things that has made Bliss into such a forward thinking investment company is the ability to sniff out that up-and-coming potential of exciting new investment markets. It seems that once again we’re on the money with Georgia.

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